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About Bacchus Wine Made Simple - NYC's Best Wine Store

Bacchus Wine Made Simple finally did what no other wine store in New York could do, it demystify the selection of wine, wine clubs and wine refrigerators. Their store layout allowed anyone and everyone to choose wines according to style or taste, as opposed to the backwards conventional way with its confusing categories. While the wine store may not be running in its old NYC location, it continues on as a well respected winery known as the Bacchus Winery in Peconic, NY.


Bacchus Winery is a small family owned vineyard with several gold medals and a handful of silver medals that was founded in 1997 and is by far the NY areas greatest wineries. Located on 9 acres, we usually produce just over 1600 cases of delicious wine year after year. Ringed by award-winning wineries, the loveliness of this rustic winery is as alluring as its Syrah. Bacchus Winery’s highly-educated winemakers, along with historical vineyards, come together to make wines that express the true nature of this famous wine region.


Our highly sought after wines have earned rave wine club reviews from the Wine Club Directory (see and are produced only with organic grapes from our family run vineyard and made in an earth friendly, balanced style that is great for the land. We use winemaking techniques that preserve the wines nuances and highlight the beloved qualities of our organic wines. We always harvest our fruit days before our neighbors do and usually depend on the naturally occurring yeasts from our vineyard for fermentation. We believe that making world class wine is a full circle process that relies equally on healthy and organic soil, natural winemaking and doing the right thing.


We feel that our winery is one of the nicest vineyards you’ll ever have the opportunity to visit. Our wines are really breath taking and the nice people that work here are incredibly helpful and friendly. The vineyard is open all year, 6 days a week, making it very convenient to visit any time you need your wine fix. With over 14 fabulous wines ready for tasting, you are sure to find a bottle of wine you love. In addition to our really amazing Riesling, we also offer great sandwiches, ice cold beer and a few mixed drinks. We also have a large indoor seating area and four stunning outdoor terraces that overlook our vineyard and the surrounding countryside. These are amazing places to drink one or two of our superb bottles of wine.


The World's Best Wine Club: The Bacchus Wine Club

If you sign up for our exclusive wine club, you gain guaranteed access to all Bacchus Winery releases, including all limited bottlings (those under 60 bottles produced). Shipments are sent four times a year, depending on the wine club you sign up for. With our exclusive wine club, you receive four bottles of wine, wine tasting notes, food pairing recommendations and unique recipes with each shipment.

As an exclusive wine club member, you also get in person wine tastings of our rare wines with the winemaker himself, 15% off all Bacchus Winery wine purchases, preferred access to the vineyard’s private guest house and exclusive invitations to special events throughout the year: parties, dinners, etc.

Your wine club billings will be made almost automatically to your credit card as soon as your shipment goes out the door. We are proud to accept Visa, Mastercard and the Discover card. The expected cost per wine club shipment varies with the wines we send you but an estimated cost per shipment averages about $145 to $210 over the course of a year. Shipping and sales tax are of course additional.

As a wine club member, you are entitled to 25 complimentary wine tastings for yourself and up to 6 guests. A seated tasting can also be arranged for you and six guests by reservation. One caveat, due to state laws, is that we may only legally ship your wines directly to wine club members in some specific states. Please view our Shipping & Handling Policy and the compliance laws of the states to which we deliver.

Special Wine Gifts Just For Bacchus Wine Club Members

If you're on the lookout for some amazing wine gifts this Valentine’s Day, be sure to seriously consider giving the gift of an award-winning wine club to the person you really love. Be sure to research each wine club you are taking into consideration to ensure its not the worst wine club ever. If the person you love has a keen interest in red wines, be sure to give them a Bacchus Winery award-winning wine club.

In addition, one of our wine gift baskets can also make a highly appreciated birthday or Christmas present.
Wine gift baskets are gift-wrapped baskets full of great wine, chocolate, cookies, sausage, cheese, crackers, etc. They typically range in price from $50.00 to $350.00. There are hundreds of wine gift baskets to choose from, so be sure to read up on the company you plan on ordering from. There are thousands of wine basket review sites on the web, so always research which wine basket providers are the best. Again, always read reviews of the wine gift basket companies to make sure you're not going to be sending terrible wines to your friends and family.

And one final thing, if you’re giving the gift of a wine gift basket this coming holiday season, for God’s sake please order 3 weeks before Xmas, because Christmas time is absolutely the craziest time of the year for wine basket providers and if you do not place you order fast enough, then they can not truly guarantee that it will arrive in time for December 25th. And one more thing, always do an online search for a promo code so that you get an extra 5% discount on the wine gift basket you’re buying. There are lots of wine gift basket coupon code sites on the web, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding the perfect one for the wine gift basket you’re going to buy from.

How Bacchus Winery Chooses Its Wine Coolers

The majority of wine fridges are almost perfect for keeping bottles that you plan to drink within 1-2 years, but for long term aging, you really should seriously consider purchasing more expensive coolers. What your investment gives you is professional grade insulation, which will help sustain the 55 degree temperature and 50 to 70 percent humidity levels perfectly suited for storing your wine for the long haul. Remember, humidity is just as important as the fridge’s temperature. If it’s too low then the corks will dry out. If its too high, mold will flourish|grow}. Here’s what else you have to know:

WINE BOTTLE CAPACITY: The best way to choose the perfect wine cooler for you is to narrow down your choices by bottle count. Bottle count is the number of wine bottles you will want to store in your wine cooler. When purchasing a wine cooler you always want to buy a fridge that is slightly bigger than your current collection. A good rule of thumb for deciding what size refrigerator you should purchase is to think about how much space you believe you need, then double it since your collection is going to keep growing. You should also keep in mind that Burgundy and Champagne bottles are often larger than your average wine bottle and thus will require additional space.

WINE FRIDGE BRAND: Another important decision you will have to make is which brand you want to limit yourself to. Some wine fridge buyers are determined to only using wine coolers from Silent Wine Refrigerators while other swear by Vinotheque. Whatever you decide, there are 7 major wine fridge brands that you can’t go wrong with. These 7 are N’FINITY, Silent Wine Refrigerators, EuroCave, VinoView, Trilogy, Le Cache and VInotheque. By only choosing one of these seven wine cooler brands, you’ll be sure to get a high-quality wine refrigerator that you will not be disappointed with.

WINE REFRIGERATOR LOCATION: There are three main choices for where to place your wine cooler and each option has its own pros and cons. Your 1st option is to put your wine refrigerator on any conveniently located countertop. These wine coolers are obviously really simple to instal as they are about the size of a large microwave. They do not take up very much space and they are often very easy to relocate if the need ever arrises. They are also very quiet and efficient because of their rather small size. The negatives of a countertop unit is that they usually only fit 6 to 12 bottles of wine and they are only built to store wine bottles for up to two years. Your second option is to put in a medium size unit under your kitchen cabinets. These wine fridges are more often than not the size of your average dishwasher and thus fit into that space quite easily. While not nearly as easy to install when compared to the countertop wine fridges, these wine coolers last longer and are always able to get your wine down to required cooler temperatures because they are driven by a powerful compressor. The third option is to buy a much larger wine fridge that is either freestanding or installed into your cabinetry. These larger wine fridges have by far the largest holding capacity, run the quietest, are 98% vibration free and are the priciest wine coolers on the market.


WINE COOLER PRICE: Your last deciding factor for which wine cooler you ought to invest in is all dependent on your budget. As you would expect, the higher the price, the nicer the wine cooler will be. The larger the price, the greater the capacity of the wine fridge, the better the wine fridge insulation, the better the compressor for keeping a steady temperature and humidity level, the better the shelving system, the lower the vibrations, etc. Now brace yourself, because wine fridges often range in price from as low as $130 for a countertop wine refrigerator to up to $16K for the top of the line freestanding wine fridge.